4 curious facts about Middle of the World

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If you are visiting the capital of Ecuador, we highly recommend you to visit the Equatorial Monument and the many attractions that City of the Middle of the World contains. For this reason, we want to tell you 4 curious facts about this destination of the country.

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1. Equator is not actually a line, it is a stripe

In 1736, the first French Geodesic Mission arrived to the country with the objective of measuring a quadrant of the meridian’s arc to check the shape of the earth. There are several versions about Equator, so it is important to clarify that it is not a line but a strip of approximately one kilometer wide. The line that currently is in the City of the Middle of the World was designed by Luis Tufiño based on the pyramids of Oyambaro and Caraburo, milestones left by the French Geodesic Mission. For this reason, there is no a specific point through which the line passes, but a sector that includes the Equatorial Valley. Source: Mitad del Mundo, 2019.

2. In what year was the Equatorial Monument built?

In 1979, the current Equatorial Monument started to be built. It has a height of 30 meters without counting the globe. This monument “was built under the auspices of Pichincha Provincial Council, and the globe (which weighs 5 tons and 4.5 m in diameter) was donated by National Polytechnic School of Ecuador”. Source: Mitad del Mundo, 2019.

Photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec

3. In what year was City of the Middle of the World built?

The construction project of City of the Middle of the World “started in 1981 and was materialized in 1992, in the presidency of Osvaldo Hurtado”. Source: Mitad del Mundo, 2019. What few know is that City of the Middle of the World “was designed as a representation of a typical Spanish town in colonial style with all its characteristic elements”. Source: Mitad del Mundo, 2019.

Photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec

4. Planetarium with Virtual Reality Technology

For those who still did not know, in the Middle of the World you can visit the first Planetarium with Virtual Reality of Ecuador. That’s right, a planetarium with Virtual Reality Technology that has not been previously seen in the country. You can not stop living this experience in the Middle of the World, you will love it!

Photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec

5. Go to The Middle of the World with Quito Tour Bus

Get to know the Middle of the World on-board Quito Tour Bus, the only double-decker bus in the city. In our Equatorial Line Tour, you will have preferential access to all the attractions of the City of the Middle of the World. In addition, we will take you to see Pululahua Volcano Crater Lookout where you will see an inhabited crater of an active volcano. Do not miss the opportunity to do this tour in a safe and comfortable way. Furthermore, you will always be accompanied by our Bilingual Guide (English – Spanish).

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