Ancestral Christmas in the Middle of the World – Kapac Raymi

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Ancestral Christmas in the Middle of the World – Kapac Raymi

Equatorial Line divides Ecuador in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In honor of this fact, the monument to the Middle of the World was built in the country and it is located in a very large tourist complex located at the north of the city of Quito, specifically on Avenida Cordova Galarza Km. 13.5.

In this tourist destination of international renown, Kapac Raymi is celebrated every year. This celebration is known as the ancestral Christmas. In this event, which attracts hundreds of people every year, fantastic ancestral dances take place in the middle of an unforgettable light show. For this reason, in this note, we invite you to know a little more about Kapac Raymi.

Cover photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec

Why Kapac Raymi is celebrated?

Kapac Raymi or Qhapac Raymi is a pre-Hispanic religious festival in tribute to the sun that has an enormous cultural and historical value. Kapak comes from Peruvian Quechua whose meaning is wise. Kapac Raymi is one of the 4 annual festivities of the Andean calendar. These festivities are: Pawkar Raymi (March 21), Inti Raymi (June 21), Kulla Raymi (September 21) and Kapak Raymi (December 21). Kapac Raymi is also known as the second most important festival of the indigenous peoples of all the Andes after Inti Raymi.

For the original peoples of the Andes, the festivities were rites of integration with nature and communities with their gods. Kapac Raymi is associated to the agricultural cycle, especially to the sowing and harvest periods; and it also celebrates the transition stage from children to youth, and from youth to adults.

When is Kapac Raymi celebrated?

El Kapac Raymi o fiesta mayor, se celebra en diciembre de cada año ya que el calendario andino marca la época del año vinculada con la Pachamama, la cual inicia desde el 21 de diciembre, fecha en la que se produce el solsticio de verano en el hemisferio sur, momento en que el Sol se encuentra en su punto más alejado de la Tierra. Esta fecha también está alineada con la festividad cristiana del nacimiento de Jesucristo, de ahí que se le denomina Navidad Ancestral.

Kapac Raymi or main festival is celebrated in December of each year since the Andean calendar marks the time of the year linked to the Pachamama, which starts from December 21, the date on which the summer solstice occurs in the southern hemisphere. This is the time when the Sun is at its furthest point from Earth. This date is also linked to the Christian festival of the birth of Jesus Christ, hence it is called Ancestral Christmas.

Where is Kapac Raymi celebrated?

Kapac Raymi is celebrated in several cities and communities of Ecuador and in Quito it is carried out specifically in Middle of the World Touristic Complex. This celebration takes place in the middle of dances, chants, artistic presentations and a ritual ceremony in honor of the birth of the new year.

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Photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec

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