5 fun things to do in Baños de Agua Santa

5 fun things to do in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa is considered as the adventure capital of Ecuador. There are countless activities you can do in this unforgettable destination of the country, so we invite you to know which are the 5 things we consider as the most diverting.

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1. Visit San Martín Adventure Park (Parque de Aventuras San Martín)

Visit San Martín Adventure Park and enjoy a series of activities, such as: riding the tarabita (the tarabitas are mechanical baskets that slide on iron cables which transport you over great heights), canopy (850 and 350 meters), hiking, tibetan bridge, among others. You will experience an extraordinary rush of adrenaline!

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 2. Ride on The Swing at the End of the World

Visit the famous “Swing at the End of the World” at La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse) and admire the wonderful views of the mountainous landscapes. The sensation of vertigo and the adrenaline rush will take your breath if you ride on this swing since you will be flying over a cliff.

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3. Visit The Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall (Pailón del Diablo)

The Devil’s Cauldron is one of the highest waterfalls in the country with approximately 80 meters of height. It is located in “Centro Turístico Pailón Grieta al Cielo”, where you can also cross the famous suspension bridge “Grieta al Cielo”. From the bridge, you can enjoy the view of the waterfall and all its splendor. You should not miss the chance to reconnect with nature in a magical place like this!

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4. Take a bath in the natural thermal waters

Baños offers tourists the possibility to relax in its thermal baths and enjoy its therapeutic properties. You can find city hall swimming pools as well as private spas throughout the city. No matter which site you choose, the experience of immersing yourself in the sulfurous waters heated by Tungurahua Volcano will be totally relaxing and refreshing. In addition, the views that surround the sites that have thermal waters are fantastic.

5. Ride a Cable Car over Pastaza River

Travel aboard a cable car over Pastaza River and enjoy extraordinary views of the waterfalls, mountains, and jungle landscapes. When riding on a tarabita, you will feel the wind blowing in your face, a rush of adrenaline and a sensation of vertigo.

Photo by: Instagram @parqueaventurasanmartin

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