The Swing at the End of the World in Baños, Ecuador

In Baños de Agua Santa, an Ecuadorian city located in the province of Tungurahua, you can find the famous Swing at the End of the World, located at La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse). From the swing you can see the epic Tungurahua Volcano and the leafy vegetation of the volcano valley, things that deserve […]

How to get to Quito’s Historic District?

Quito, capital of Ecuador, was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. One of the most frequently visited destinations of the city is the Historic District which is considered one of the most beautiful and best preserved in America. For this reason, we want to offer you some alternatives to get to Quito’s […]

Equatorial Museum in Equatorial Monument

Inside the internationally known Equatorial Monument you can find the Equatorial Museum. We recommend you to visit it once you arrive at the City of the Middle of the World. For this reason, in this blog we want to tell you a little bit about what this museum holds. Cover photo by: Instagram @mitaddelmundoec What […]

The Plaza Grande in Quito, Ecuador

The Plaza de la Independencia, better known as the Plaza Grande, is the heart of Quito’s historical center, and a historical space where a series of events of vital political importance in Ecuador have taken place. To this day, it is a social meeting place for the people who live in the city. The square […]

What to do during Carnival in Quito?

Ecuador is prepared for the famous Carnival, a celebration that takes place around the world. On this national holiday, one of the most important and long in the country, many activities are planned in all cities. So if you are in Quito during these days, we want to recommend some activities that you can do […]

What to do in Quito for 2 days?

Are you visiting Quito for a short time and you do not know what to do? If so, in this note we want to tell you about some activities that you can do during your stay in the capital of Ecuador. Day 1: Quito City Tour First of all, we recommend you to take Quito […]

The main 10 churches in Quito – Tourist guide

Quito has a great number of majestic churches in its historical center. They are relatively close to each other, so visiting them should be on the agenda of any tourist arriving in the city. Learn a little more about these incomparable catholic churches in Quito’s historic center, considered to be the best preserved and most […]

Pululahua Volcano Crater

Pululahua which in Kichwa means “Cloud of Water” is a potentially active volcano, and its crater is one of the few inhabited in the world. This volcano is formed by several scattered lava domes. Both the domes and the crater are located in Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve. The fantastic Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve reaches an area of […]

8 top places to visit in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country that has it all. Despite its limited land expanse in relation to other countries in the region, Ecuador has 4 natural regions: Coast, Highlands, Amazon and the Island Region (the Galapagos Islands), which makes it a country where you can discover different treasures within short distances of each other. With the […]

Ecuadorian handicrafts

As part of its customs and history, Ecuador is characterized by its handicrafts of national and international recognition. Artisans from different communities and cities of the country work traditionally, and with very high dedication with elements, such as toquilla palm, wool, alpaca, mud, wood, and precious metals. In this note we want to give you […]

What to do in Otavalo?

Otavalo is a province of Imbabura, and it is one of the mandatory tourist destinations when visiting Ecuador. This city is the place of origin of the Kichwa people of the Otavalos, therefore it has an unprecedented cultural, social, and historical richness. Since this city has to be visited, we want to introduce you to […]

Top 7 things to do in Quilotoa

Quilotoa Lagoon is located southeast of the city of Quito, inside Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve, in the province of Cotopaxi. This wonderful lagoon of volcanic origin is famous for its turquoise waters and is surrounded by typical Andean moor vegetation. On this note, we would like to invite you to find out the best things […]

The best things to do in Cotopaxi

The Cotopaxi volcano is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, which is why people from all over the globe arrive at this destination in the hope of reaching the much sought-after summit. At only two hours from the city of Quito, you can find this Ecuadorian icon which is considered to be […]

7 tips for visiting Quilotoa

Quilotoa is a caldera home to the famous Quilotoa lagoon, considered to be one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world and highly regarded for its turquoise and emerald green waters when the sun shines on it. This unique place, located in the inter-Andean region of Ecuador, in the Andes mountain range, more specifically […]

How to get to Cotopaxi?

When it comes to Ecuador, who has not heard about the awesome active volcano Cotopaxi? This dazzling elevation of 5,897 metres is located in the Andes Mountains, and it is a symbol of the Ecuadorian national geography since it is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. This is the reason why thousands […]

The legend of the condor who fell in love

Quilotoa Lagoon is located in Zumbahua parish at the west of the Cotopaxi province. It is part of “Los Ilinizas” Ecological Reserve. This lagoon is located in the crater of Quilotoa volcano and arose from the eruption of it. One of its main attractions is the turquoise color of its waters, one fact that makes […]

5 Quito weekend trips

Quito, capital of Ecuador, is a vibrant city. Quito’s tourist attractions are very varied and wide, since there are activities designed for everyone. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to some of the activities you can do over the weekend at “La Carita de Dios” (Little Face of God), declared as Cultural […]

Quito’s Historic District

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and it is a city that really deserves to be visited. It has a large number of tourist attractions which are product of its historical, social, and cultural development. In fact, the city was declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1978. Among its many charms, Quito […]

Captivating activities of Quito

Quito offers you the opportunity to live lots of experiences throughout its main and most recognized tourist destinations. However, there are places that nobody tells you about, and which you should venture to visit if you are visiting the capital of Ecuador. Now we will introduce you to certain recommendations about some activities that should […]

Quito Tour Bus is in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame

Thanks to all your excellent reviews and comments, the Quito Tour Bus is now part of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. It is an exclusive recognition to tourist companies that have obtained a Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years. This is one of the most important recognitions aquired during our trayectory, since it is […]

Let’s go to Otavalo!

It was costumed by the Spanish conquerors to entrust the new urban settlements to a Christian saint, so that he would protect them and watch over them. For this reason, Saint Louis was designated this honorable duty in Otavalo. San Luis de Otavalo (Saint Louis of Otavalo) is one of the main cities in the […]

The route of the Monoliths: the energy axis of the city of Quito

Quito, capital of Ecuador, is crossed by an Atlantic-Pacific interoceanic energy channel that would be a kind of dividing line of the South American energy field and the one of Central America. The energy axis of Quito was highlighted by a citizen of Slovenian origin named Marko Pogačnik, who proposed recovering and correcting the city’s […]