Fanesca, The Ecuadorian Easter Soup

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Fanesca, The Ecuadorian Easter Soup

Fanesca, The Ecuadorian Easter Soup

An Ecuadorian culinary tradition during Easter season consists on the preparation of fanesca, a popular dish which has Pre-Columbian origins, and is prepared with fresh grains and dried fish. Given that we are close to Holy Week, we want to tell you a little bit about fanesca and encourage you to try it if you are visiting Ecuador.

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What is fanesca?

Fanesca is a delicious Ecuadorian soup that has fresh grains and dried fish, specifically, cod. Given the variety of grains that exist in Andes, fanesca is prepared with 12 types of grains, in honor of the Twelve Apostles. Some of the fresh grains that are used to prepare this delicious dish are peas, corn, beans, chochos (Andean Lupin), lentils, mote, mellocos, among others.

It is important to clarify that there is not a unique recipe to be followed to prepare this dish, because there are many variations in the preparation of fanesca. People usually cook it depending on their tastes, and adding their personal touch. Although fanesca is not an extremely difficult dish to prepare, it does imply time and dedication. Hence, families often get together to elaborate it, a fact that awakens the sense of unity and community.

What are the ingredients used to decorate fanesca?

Once made, fanesca is usually decorated with pieces of cod, hard-boiled egg slices, fried plantains, fried empanadas, fried masitas, fresh cheese, white onions, chochos, red chilli slices, parsley leaves, and avocado. Fanesca is usually eaten additionally with ají criollo (chili). These companions enrich fanesca dish even more, and make of each bite an extremely pleasant experience.

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With what is the fanesca accompanied?

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. Before or after eating fanesca, people usually enjoy the delicious molo which is an Ecuadorian mashed potatoes served on a lettuce leaf and decorated with slices of hard-boiled egg, cheese, and white onion. And finally, as a dessert, fanesca is accompanied by a delicious rice pudding or figs with cheese.

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Do not hesitate one second and try fanesca

Do not forget to delight yourself with this typical Ecuadorian delicacy. We are sure that after having tasted it, you will want to repeat. For this reason, Quito Tour Bus invites you to book Quito City Tour, a tour aboard the city’s only double-decker bus which departs every day at 09:00 until 16:00 from United Nations Boulevard. If you book your tour you can arrive in a comfortable, safe, and fun way to Quito’s Historic District.

In this part of the city, there will be a lot of activities and events during Holy Week, therefore, it is the perfect place to find lots of restaurants that offer the delicious fanesca, molo, rice pudding, figs with cheese, and others. Simply delicious!

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