How to become a professional 40 player

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How to become a professional 40 player

How to become a professional 40 player

40 (forty or cuarenta in spanish) is a well-known Ecuadorian card game that is practiced, especially during Quito’s Foundation Anniversary. These celebrations usually last for a week, finishing on the 6th December. 40 is played between friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues, regardless of age or gender. For this reason, we invite you to read this blog to know some tips that will turn you into a professional 40 player.

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Practice makes the master

There are expert players on this game who recommend that you must practice and train continuously. They clarify that in the game there are no tricks and that it depends mainly on random. However, they recommend you to play as often as you can because this will increase your chances of winning. Learning the logic of the game and knowing the rules are basic premises to win.

Memory and concentration play a vital role

During the game, memory and concentration play a vital role since the cards must be remembered. It means you must know at all times what cards have come out and which are missing for being on the table. In addition, you must analyze the possible opponent’s moves. For this reason, it is recommended that you focus on the game and turn off electronic devices that can distract you. It is also important to avoid paying attention to the comments made by those who observe the game, since in 40 jokes and joviality are part of the atmosphere of any championship.

Intimidation tactics: learn some awesome phrases

Although it is not decisive in the game, a good way to intimidate your opponents is to know the typical phrases of the game, such as: “dos por shunsho” (when you play with a front view card); “dos por mudo” (when you match cards and win your opponent); “marido tiene” (when your partner pick up your card); “pasa la mano” (when you wrongly deal the cards and the player on the right happens to do so); “as que no caerás” (throw an ace and hope that the opponent does not have that card); “cuerito tierno” (when the opponent does not know how to play).

Many players tend to be discouraged or get very nervous when the opposing team manifests these phrases with impetus and determination. There are many other typical phrases usually used in this game, do you know them?

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Work as a team with your partner

To win this game is vital that you find a partner who know how to play, to know the rules of the game and, above all, to enjoy playing “40”. It is important to create a good team and work together to become champions. Your partner and you should have a good retentive memory, clever attitude, and will to work together.

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Deal cards properly

You must always be very careful when dealing the cards, since you could receive a penalty of 10 points, a bonus that will be awarded to the opposing team if you deal more than five cards or less than this number to an adversary or your partner. In addition, you could also be sanctioned with 10 points if you deal the cards by starting to deliver the blocks on your left side.

There are more tips that could be useful when playing 40, we will tell you about them in other posts.

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