How to get to Devil’s Cauldron (Pailón del Diablo) from Quito?

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How to get to Devil’s Cauldron (Pailón del Diablo) from Quito?

How to get to Devil’s Cauldron (Pailón del Diablo) from Quito?

Devil’s Cauldron

Devil’s Cauldron (In Spanish, Pailón del Diablo) is located in the province of Tungurahua, specifically 17 kilometers from the city of Baños de Agua Santa, on the road from Baños to Puyo. The waterfall is approximately 80 meters high. It is one of the most important waterfalls in the country, and one of the most desired tourist destinations nationwide.

The cauldron is a hollow formed by Río Verde Waterfall when falling and “its name of Pailón del Diablo is born by the form that the rocks that are under the cascade have” (Dirección de Turismo Sostenible del Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Baños de Agua Santa, 2019). These rocks have the shape of devil’s face.

In Devil’s Cauldron, there is an impressive staircase that goes up the cliff and from which you can appreciate the fantastic Rio Verde Waterfall. This is a very humid place so you can admire diversity of flora. In addition, in Devil’s Cauldron you can find a suspension bridge from where it is possible to take great photographs, and to see the beauty of the natural setting.

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How to get to Devil’s Cauldron?

Next, we want to tell you how to get to Devil’s Cauldron from Quito in different ways.

By Public Bus

The trip from Quito to Baños de Agua Santa takes about 3 hours. You can take a bus from the Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal (In Spanish, Terminal Terrestre de Quitumbe), located in the south of the city. There are some buses companies that offer this service. Once in Baños de Agua Santa, you can rent a bicycle to get to the entrance to “Parque Pailón Grieta Al Cielo”. For returning, there is a truck service that can take you to Baños with your bike. This services is offered at the entrance to the park.

By Car

If you choose to go by car from Quito to Baños, you should take Pan-American Highway / Troncal de la Sierra / E35. You will have to cross the cities of Latacunga and Ambato. Once in Baños de Agua Santa, you must take the road from Baños to Puyo, and get to the entrance to “Parque Pailón Grieta Al Cielo”. This track section can take you approximately 30 minutes by car. In total, the trip from Quito to Devil’s Cauldron could take 03h45.

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Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this important destination of Ecuador, we are sure that Baños de Agua Santa will dazzle you.

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