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Mitad del Mundo

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The Middle of the World is the exact place where the Equinoctial Line is marked, which divides the world into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Just 20 minutes from Quito by car, it offers you several entertaining activities where you can experiment with the effects of being right in the middle of the two hemispheres.

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How to get to Mitad del Mundo?

The city of Mitad del Mundo, located north of Quito is home to the famous Monument to the Equator, built in honour to the imaginary line that divides the planet into northern

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Pululahua Volcano Crater

Pululahua which in Kichwa means “Cloud of Water” is a potentially active volcano, and its crater is one of the few inhabited in the world. This volcano is formed by several scattered

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Mitad del Mundo Tour from Quito

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