Quito City Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable journey through the largest Historical Center in South America, and marvel at its rich culture and architecture.

Every day

10h00 a 18h45

Easy activity

English and Spanish

What you'll do

Tour the city in a safe and fun way at 5 meters high. In this tour, you will be able to enjoy the most outstanding places of Quito through 7 stops that you can visit in your own way using the Hop On – Hop Off system for a full day.

The first departure from Naciones Unidas Boulevard (first stop) is at 10:00 am, and the last one is at 4:00 pm.

NACIONES UNIDAS - Naciones Unidas Boulevard10H0011H3013H0014H3016H00
PLAZA FOCH - Reina Victoria & Foch10H2011H5013H2014H5016H20
EJIDO-MERCADO ARTESANAL - Reina Victoria & Jorge Washington10H3012H0013H3015H0016H30
LA BASILICA - Venezuela & Carchi10H4012H1013H4015H1016H40
SAN FRANCISCO - Benalcázar & Sucre10H5512H2513H5515H2516H55
PANECILLO11H10 - 11H4012H40 - 13H1014H10 - 14H4015H40 - 16H1017H10 - 17H40
NACIONES UNIDAS - Naciones Unidas Boulevard12H4514H0515H4517H0518H45

Times are subject to change due to city traffic

Emergency number +593 983359-796



Naciones Unidas Boulevard

Av. Naciones Unidas & Av. Shyris

This sector is the heart of modern Quito, you can tour the La Carolina park, shopping centers, restaurants, and coffee shops around



La Mariscal / Plaza Foch

Reina Victoria between Calama & Mariscal Foch

In the La Mariscal sector, we can find great gastronomic and cultural offers cafes, restaurants, museums, and  galleries that show the culture of Ecuador, surrounded by houses of various architectural styles making this sector one of the most diverse in the city, for the night is ideal for parties you will find a lot of bars and discos.



Mercado Artesanal / El Ejido

Jorge Washington & Reina Victoria

In the artisan market, you will find an immense variety of crafts full of colors and unique designs.

Visit the largest neo-Gothic-style church in America and reach one of the highest viewpoints in the city by climbing the steps of one of its towers.



La Basílica Church

Venezuela & Carchi

Visit the largest Gothic Revival church in America and reach one of the highest viewpoints in the city by climbing the steps of one of its towers.



San Francisco

 Benalcázar & Sucre

This point is a must to know the historic center of Quito, you can walk and find a few steps the architectural jewels, churches, convents, museums and restaurants, as well as going back in time in its streets



El Panecillo Viewpoint

Melchor Aymerich (Next to Pim’s)

Meet the largest aluminum statue in the world on a sacred bread-shaped hill called “El Panecillo”, here you can see the north and south of the city.

We will make a stop at this lookout so you can walk around, try local food and enjoy the best view of the city

15 to 30 mins. stop depending on city traffic. 


To Naciones Unidas Boulevard

Return to the first stop.

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  • Historic Center Churches
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  • Tour without a seat assignment.
  • It is important to keep your ticket as it is the only document that allows you to get on and off the bus. In case of loss or theft, you must purchase a new ticket.
  • The duration of the complete tour without getting off the bus is approximately 03 hours.
    The last departure from Naciones Unidas Boulevard is at 4:00 p.m. Make sure to arrive at the stop at this time if you want to finish your journey at another station.
  • *Times subject to the current traffic, street conditions, and force majeure reasons (for example, street closures); that determine a delay in the usual frequency of the route.
  • The frequency of our departures is every hour and a half.
  • Our stops are fixed, check the closest stop to the site you want to visit, for no reason we will make intermediate stops.
What to bring
  • Vaccionation certificate
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap or hat Comfortable clothes
  • Photo camera
  • All the energy to enjoy the day
  • Face mask (optional)
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t eat aboard the bus
  • Don’t open your umbrella inside the bus
  • Don’t stand up while the bus is moving
Recently travelers reviews
Sandra Guerrero
Sandra Guerrero
Muy chévere, lastimosamente, cruzar el centro histórico es demorado y resta tiempo para estar en El Panecillo.
Ruth Moreno
Ruth Moreno
Excelente atención, el recorrido muy bonito, la guía turística eficiente 👏👏👏
Alexita M
Alexita M
It was good, guides need to speak slower when speaking in English so that they are understood. Overall a great hop on and off service.
Jorge Pinto
Jorge Pinto
Muy divertido para conocer parte de nuestra hermosa ciudad
Quito City Tour variants
Quito City Tour +
Teleférico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo

Discover Quito in a single day, with our specialized and personalized tour option you will be able to discover the main attractions of the city in one day.


  • Pick up at your hotel (we pick up in the 3 areas: Naciones Unidas, La Mariscal, and Plaza Grande. If you want to be picked up in another place ask us about the transfer options)
  • Visit the historic center of the city, we will make our first stop at the church of Santo Domingo or similar so you can see its domes, from this place you will have a unique view. (admission included)
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Historic Center
  • Take a walking tour enjoying the facades and details of the houses and temples.
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Walking tour
  • Visit the Virgen del Panecillo and take incredible photos of the center and south of Quito.
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Panecillo
  • Visit the Basilica of the National Vote, you can access the Condor tower at 75 meters high. (entrance not included)
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Basilica
  • Go up to 4,100 meters above sea level in the Cable Car, and take a short walk to the swing of the clouds. (admission not included – visit is not made on holidays)
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Teleferico
  • Tour Mitad del Mundo, in this place you will discover: the ancestral homes, the cocoa square, the equatorial museum and you will be able to take the best photographs on the equinoctial line.
    Quito City Tour + Teleferico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo - Mitad del Mundo
  • We will take you to the same meeting place at the end of the tour.


INCLUDES: Tourist transportation, bilingual guide, entrance to Santo Domingo or similar, walking tour, entrance to the Middle of the World city.

NOT INCLUDED: Entrance to the Basilica $3 USD, entrance to the Cable Car $10 USD, meals, drinks, tips.

Quito City Tour +
Mitad del Mundo

Discover Quito’s Historic Center and the Mitad del Mundo, on the same day!

Quito City Tour + Mitad del Mundo

Departures every Saturday and Sunday, from Naciones Unidas Boulevard (how to get there)

  • Quito City Tour: you can choose the schedule of 10:00 or 11:30
  • Middle of the World: departure at 2:30 p.m.
Personalized Option
Quote a tour

You define:

  • Your schedules
  • Amount of people
  • Number of days
  • Destinations or attractions

We create it for you!

From $15 USD
Hop On - Hop Off  7 stops $15

The first departure from Naciones Unidas Boulevard is at 10h00, and the last is at 16h00

$ 15 adults
$ 7.50 children (6 to 12 years old)

Quito City Tour + Teleférico + Panecillo + Mitad del Mundo from $69

$ 69 / person (4 + passengers)

$ 89 / person (3 passengers)

$ 109 / person (2 passengers)

$ 189 / person (1 passengers)

Quito City Tour + Mitad del Mundo from $45

Departures from Naciones Unidas Boulevard

  • Quito City Tour: you can choose schedules from 10h00 or 11h30
  • Mitad de Mundo, departures at 14h30

$ 45 adults 

$ 25.50 children (6 to 12 years old) 

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