Quito’s Historic District

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Quito’s Historic District

Quito’s Historic District

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and it is a city that really deserves to be visited. It has a large number of tourist attractions which are product of its historical, social, and cultural development. In fact, the city was declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1978. Among its many charms, Quito has the largest historical center in South America and one of the best preserved. For this reason, in this note we invite you to know a little more about the treasures of Quito’s Historic District.

In Quito’s Historic District, it is possible to see a multiplicity of churches, convents, and other religious buildings that reflect the fusion and mixture of indigenous and European cultures. One of the most distinguished churches of Quito’s Historic District, is The Church of the Society of Jesus (La Compañía) which is famous for its baroque art and architecture and its internal ornamentation completely covered with gold-plates leaves. Another iconic place of Quito’s Historic District is the Church and Convent of San Francisco, which rise in front of the square of the same name. The church is an amazing architectural work with more than 150 years of construction.

The Church of the Society of Jesus

Photo by: Santiago Endara – breaktime

Another wonderful place that should be visited in Quito’s Historic District is Basilica of the National Vow, a monumental church of Neo-Gothic style. It is possible to climb to its towers and enjoy one of the most privileged views of the city. Many people begin the tour through Quito’s Historic District from Basilica of the National Vow, a great appetizer before entering this fantastic place.

Basilica of the National Vow

Photo by: Deutsch – hbieser

One more place that must be visited is Independence Square or Plaza Grande, where Carondelet Palace (Presidential Palace) and Cathedral of Quito (Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito) are located. These historical building are on Garcia Moreno Street. In this area, there are also a number of shops and restaurants of all kinds.

Plaza Grande

Photo by: Instagram @andreabakacs

Quito has a series of museums and cultural centers, which is why it is recommended to visit the well-known City Museum, Casa del Alabado Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, and Metropolitan Cultural Center. These museums and cultural centers are perfect to know the art and history of the city and the country.

Metropolitan Cultural Center

Photo by: Instagram @louhaw

One of the most privileged views of the city can be enjoyed from El Panecillo Hill Viewpoint. From the viewpoint it is possible to enjoy a 360° perspective and see the Historic District and the south of the city, but you can also admire the north in the distance.

El Panecillo

Photo by: Deutsch – hbieser

If you wonder how to enjoy the atmosphere of Quito’s Historic District, it is recommended to stay at one of the many hotels, boutique hotels, and hostels in the area. The experience of staying at one of these places is simply unmatched as you will feel integrated into the dynamics of the place.

Photo by: Elijah Lovkoff – skylark

Discover the cultural and architectural wealth of Quito through Quito City Tour of Quito Tour Bus. You will have the opportunity to make a fantastic tour through the wonderful Quito’s Historic Center aboard the only double decker bus of the city. In a simple, safe, and fun way you can get to the most iconic and representative destinations in the city. Through the Hop On – Hop Off system you can get off or take the bus at our established stops, and during the tour you will be accompanied by a Bilingual Tour Operator (English – Spanish) that will provide you with all the information you need for your visit to Quito’s Historic District.

Quito’s Historic District is an historic jewel of the nation which deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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