The 7 best things to do in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

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The 7 best things to do in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

The 7 best things to do in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

Hop on board a “tarabita” and perch atop the end of the world swing, visit the “Pailon del Diablo”(Devil’s Cauldron) and bathe in the hot springs as you do some extreme sports. “Baños” is considered the gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, and it is the capital of adventure in Ecuador, one of the most complete tourist destinations in the country. In order for your experience here to be fruitful, we want to tell you what you can do at “Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador”.

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Main tourist spots in Baños

We recommend you visit some of the terrific tourist destinations that Baños has to offer, such as: the Tree House, San Martin adventure park, “Pailon del Diablo” (Devil’s Cauldron), thermal waters, Eco Zoo San Martin, among others. Here we will tell you more about these must see sites in Baños de Agua Santa. 

Activities we recommend you to do in Baños 

Hop on the end of the world swing

The Tree House is one of the signature sites in  Baños, it is there where you will find the end of the world swing. Who hasn’t dreamt of looking down at a deep cliff under their feet as they are swinging in the air? This is your opportunity, we assure you it is worth it. 

Apart from the adrenaline splurge you will get from swinging on the end of the world swing, at the Tree house you will be able to enjoy the view of the Tungurahua Volcano and fantastic mountains that surround Baños. In the area there is a small zip line and an area for picnics, which makes this place kid friendly an ideal location to visit with the whole family. To enter this complex you will only need to pay 1.00 USD. 

You might want to read our article about the Swing at the end of the world, where we tell you more about this extraordinary destination in Baños. 

Visit the San Martín Adventure Park 

Baños is a synonym of adventure, therefore we recommend you visit the San Martin Adventure park, which is located in Lligua Park in the San Martin district. The San Martin Adventure Park is open Monday through Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

This park offers the possibility of doing multiple extreme activities such as: canopy or zip line, (850 meters and 350 meters (2788 & 1148 ft), a walk over the tibetan bridge (90 meters (295 ft) long, rock climbing in the Via Ferrata (90 meters or 295 ft) and a tarabita ride (a sort of mechanical baskets that slide over cables). All these activities generate such an extreme adrenaline rush that we are sure you will love it.  

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If you are in the San Martin area, you can also visit the San Martin Eco Zoo, a place dedicated to safeguarding the wild fauna. This is a perfect activity to do with children. The zoo is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Visit the Pailón del Diablo (The Devil’s Cauldron)

Baños has countless waterfalls, and the most renowned is the Pailón del Diablo or the Devil’s Couldron. Though it’s real name is the Green River Waterfall the most popular name by which people call it is the Devil’s Cauldron. This is one of the highest waterfalls in the country at 80 meters (262 ft) high and a depth of 20 meters (66 ft). 

Enjoy the balconies (from where you can admire the waterfall), the suspension bridge and Heaven’s Crack (a naturally formed crack that brings you to the back of the devil’s cauldron waterfall), these are must see attractions that make Baños de Agua Santa a place to visit. 

To find out how to get to the Devil’s Cauldron waterfall, read our article in this link: How to get to Pailón del Diablo

Additionally we recommend that you visit the famous waterfall called the Bride’s Veil; it has been this due to its white water that resembles the veil of a bride. This waterfall has only one drop and it’s height is 40 meters (131 ft). You can find it within the buffer zone of the Llanganates National Park, and is located 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) away on the Baños-Puyo road. There you can also climb into a small tarabita and enjoy the wonderful view of the Pastaza River.

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Ride in a tarabita on the Pastaza River

Travel aboard a tarabita on the Pastaza River and enjoy extraordinary views of waterfalls, mountains and jungle landscapes. When you ride on a tarabita,  the breeze will caress your face and mess up your hair. In fact, those who visit Baños de Agua Santa can’t help but to live this experience full of adrenaline, which will surely give you a sense of vertigo.

Adventurous Activities in Baños

In Baños de Agua Santa and its surroundings, there are countless outdoor activities to do, and prices vary depending on the type of activity. If you have an adventurous spirit, we highly recommend outdoor activities such as rafting and canyoning. Next up, we will tell you a little more about these outdoor adventure activities.

Rafting on the Pastaza River  

This tour starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends around 2:30 p.m. During this rafting experience on the impetuous Pastaza River, you will always be accompanied by a certified guide, and you will have private transportation and high quality equipment.  You will also get photographs and videos of your experience.

White River Canyoning

If you decide to do canyoning on the White River, your adventure will start at 9:00 a.m. and will end around 1:00 p.m. You will be accompanied by a certified guide, you will have private transportation and you will use high quality equipment.

Hot Springs in Baños Ecuador 

Baños de Agua Santa is well known for its hot springs, which have medicinal benefits. If you are looking to relax and rest, this is an activity that you have to do in Baños. There are spas and hot springs you can go to, some of which are:

  • Termas de la Virgen. Regulated thermal waters or hot spring pools at different temperatures, located in the heart of the city, a short distance from the Virgin Waterfall.
  • Termas El Salado. Yellowish hot springs located on Avenida El Salado.
  • Santa Ana hot springs. Hot springs located on Av. Amazonas Km. 0 Via al Puyo.
  • Santa Clara spa. Spa located on Velasco Ibarra street between November 12 and Rafael Vieira.
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What to do in Baños in 2 days?

If you are wondering how much time you should dedicate to Baños on your next visit, we recommend you designate a minimum of two days. The activities that you have to do during your visit:

Day 1

Hop on the end of the world swing

The famous swing is located in the Tree House and is situated on a cliff at 2,600 meters (8530 ft) high. From there you can enjoy privileged views of the Tungurahua Volcano and the lush nature that surrounds the area. On the swing you will not only enjoy a huge adrenaline rush and a great feeling of vertigo, but you can also get that breath taking photo in which it seems that you are flying over a cliff.

Visit the hot spring 

Visit the nearby hot springs that gave the city its name and enjoy a relaxing soak in these healing pools. In Baños there are municipal spas and private spas that have natural hot springs. Do not miss out on going, you will relax like never before!

Day 2

Visit the Devil’s Cauldron

Baños de Agua Santa is well known for its waterfalls and, the Pailón del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron), located in the Pailón “Grieta al Cielo” Tourist Center, is one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Ecuador. There you can also cross the “Crack to Heaven”, a suspension bridge where you can admire the waterfall and vegetation in all its splendor. 

Ride in a tarabita over the Pastaza river

You have to ride in a tarabita over the Pastaza River when you are in Baños. The tarabitas are mechanical baskets that slide on cables and take you over great heights. While you are riding on it, you can get extraordinary panoramic views of waterfalls, mountains and beautiful jungle landscapes.

Travel to Baños with Quito Tour Bus

Quito Tour Bus offer a 2 day 1 night tour to Baños, and it has scheduled departures from Quito every day, at 06:30 am with direct pick-up at the hotel or hostel where you are staying. On our tour, we will stop at the iconic Cotopaxi Volcano, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, as well as the Quilotoa Lagoon, an incredible turquoise lake in the basin of an active volcano. Once in the city of Baños, we will climb the famous “End of the World Swing” at the Tree House; we will take a relaxing bath in the local hot springs; we will visit the impressive Pailón del Diablo (the Devil’s Cauldron)Wwaterfall; and, we will climb into a tarabita on the Pastaza River.

Frequently asked Questions

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What to do in Baños when it’s raining?

The city of Baños has a privileged climate, which is warm and quite humid. The average temperature is about 18ºC – 22ºC (64-72F). In case it rains, you can take advantage and taste the country’s delicious cuisine and delve into the local flavors. You can try dishes such as: roasted cuy, chocho beans with pork skin, chocho beans in ceviche, sugar cane juice served with fruits, melcochas (sugar cane sweets) among others. And if you prefer international food, you have at your disposal countless restaurants, cafes and bars. In Baños, there are hostels and hotels from where it is possible to enjoy the view of the valley surrounded by mountains, in all its splendor, accompanied by a delicious cup of hot chocolate or boiled wine.

A massage on a rainy day is another good option in case you don’t want to be outdoors. Take the opportunity to visit one of the existing spas in the area. You will relax like never before!

Why visit Baños de Agua Santa?

Baños is surrounded by natural beauty: impressive vegetation, an active volcano, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, hot springs, it also has brilliant nightlife and fantastic cuisine, all these making it a complete and very desirable tourist destination. Your experience in Baños can be as relaxed or as full of adrenaline as you prefer, it’s your choice.

What is the best way to get to  Baños?

Best Trip Ecuador is a Hop On – Hop Off transportation service that allows you to travel comfortably and safely without rushing to see the best attractions of Ecuador.

We also invite you to read our article about How to get to Baños. Find out about the alternatives you have to reach this wonderful destination in Ecuador.

Is Baños – Ecuador safe?

Baños is considered a safe destination in Ecuador. However, it is recommended that one “hire packages and tourist services to tour operators or travel agencies registered by the institutions that regulate tourism activity” (Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador, 2019) and verify the certification or license of the guides when performing adventure sports.

Do not forget to download and read the guide “Ecuador, destino seguro”of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, where you will find “a series of recommendations that tourists and visitors should bear in mind when touring Ecuador” (Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador, 2019).

QuitoTour bus to Baños Tour 

Quito Tour Bus offers you a comfortable, safe, and fun way to get to know the adventure capital of Ecuador, leave everything in our hands!

We offer you three types of tours to Baños: 2 days 1 night to Baños, 3 days 2 nights to Baños; and, 3 days 2 nights Cotopaxi and Baños. Learn more at Baños Tours, and travel with Quito Tour Bus to this fantastic adventure spot in Ecuador.

Baños Tours from Quito

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