What to do during Carnival in Quito?

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What to do during Carnival in Quito?

What to do during Carnival in Quito?

Ecuador is prepared for the famous Carnival, a celebration that takes place around the world. On this national holiday, one of the most important and long in the country, many activities are planned in all cities. So if you are in Quito during these days, we want to recommend some activities that you can do in Quito the company of your family and friends.

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Quito City Tour

Sometimes, people who live in large cities do not have time to enjoy their charms. While tourists seek to discover the wonders in the destinations they visit. So, regardless if you live in Quito or if you are just passing by, take advantage of Carnival and make some of the most outstanding tourist activities in the Ecuadorian capital.

Quito Tour Bus puts at your disposal Quito City Tour, a great, safe, and comfortable way to get to know the largest Historic Center in South America aboard the only double-decker bus of the city. Our Hop On – Hop Off system allows you to visit the most important tourist attractions in the north and center of Quito. So you will be able to get on and get off the bus at our established stops. Additionally, you will be assisted by our Bilingual Operator (English & Spanish) who will provide you with information about historical data, curious topics, and visiting tips. Do not stop touring Quito on this way, book your tour now!

We invite to read the complete article about the best things to do in Quito (by a local).

Quito At Night

If you have marveled with your visit at the Historic Center of the city of Quito, you must necessarily see it during the night. Quito Tour Bus offers you Quito At Night, the opportunity to tour the fantastic illuminated city at 5 meters high on board the only double-decker bus of the city. Additionally, in this tour you can walk on your own during 01h00 in “La Ronda”, a traditional street which is one of the most iconic and historical streets of the city. There you can delight your senses by tasting the local cuisine, and feel the vibrant nightlife of the city.

Equator Line Tour

To finish Carnival, you must go to Middle of the World City. It is the place that houses the internationally famous monument to the Middle of the World which was built in honor of the Equator Line, the one that divides the Planet Earth in North and South hemispheres.

If you book Equator Line Tour, we will take you to know the famous monument where you can take a picture placing one foot on each of the hemispheres. Additionally, we will visit the Equator Line Museum of where you can see different demonstrations of natural phenomena, the force of gravity, and the balance that are manifested in the equinoctial zone. And if you want to be amazed with the beauty of our volcanoes, we will take you to Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve Lookout where you will see the crater of this volcano, one of the few inhabited in the world, simply unmissable!

Carnival offers great surprises for those who are in Quito, we invite you to enjoy it with Quito Tour Bus.

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