What to do during Holy Week and Easter in Quito?

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What to do during Holy Week and Easter in Quito?

What to do during Holy Week and Easter in Quito?

The most important week of the Catholic Religion is a great opportunity to visit destinations that you have not yet been able to enjoy. For this reason, we want to suggest what to do in Quito during Holy Week.

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Procession of Jesus of Great Power

If you are in Quito during Holy Week, you should not miss Procession of Jesus of Great Power (in Spanish, Procesión Jesús del Gran Poder) which takes place on Good Friday in Quito’s Historic District, and departs from San Francisco square. Thousands of people go to this event, which congregates parishioners and tourists from all over the world. You will see a lot of “cucuruchos” who dress purple clothes and cone hats.

You can also attend to Procession of Light, which departs from The Basilica of the National Vow until Santo Domingo Church on Holy Thursday. Or if you prefer you can do the Road of Seven Churches, or assist to the Dragging of the Capes in Quito’s Metropolitan Cathedral that happens on Ash Wednesday.

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Fanesca is a typical dish of Ecuadorian origin that is prepared especially during Easter. This dish contains fresh grains and dried fish (codfish). In honor of the Twelve Apostles, fanesca has 12 ingredients, such as: corn, chochos (Andean Lupin), beans, peas, lentils, among others. In Quito’s Historic District there are many restaurants that prepare this delicious dish that you have to taste while you are in the city. You’ll love it!

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Visit Quito’s Historic District during the day

Holy Week is an ideal time to visit Quito’s Historic District and all its architectural and cultural wealth. Do not forget to go to the fantastic churches and squares as during Holy Week many events are held. What better way to know Quito’s Historic District than on board Quito Tour Bus, the official double-decker bus of the city.

Through Quito City Tour we will take you around the city, on a hop on-hop off system that allows you to get off or take the bus at any of the established stops with one-hour intervals, so you can get close to the mayor tourist attractions of the North and Center of the city. Do not forget that the tour departs from United Nations Boulevard, and you can use your ticket from 09h00 until 16h00.

Visit Quito’s Historic District during the night

During Holy Week in the nights, there will be countless events at Quito’s Historic District. The charm that downtown acquires during the night is something that deserves to be seen. For this reason, we recommend you to book Quito At Night, a tour through the illuminated city aboard the double-decker bus of the city, where you will make a one-hour stop at the sensational street called “La Ronda”. Once there, you can enjoy fanesca, and other gastronomic wonders of the city and the country.

Visit Middle of the World

Do not miss the fantastic Equatorial Monument on the official double-decker bus of the city, which departs every day at 12h00. Through Equator Line Tour you will not only know City of the Middle of the World, but also Pululahua Volcano Crater Lookout where you will see one of the few inhabited crater inside an active volcano.

Enjoy Holy Week in Quito, a very good time to know the cultural and religious traditions of our city. You’ll love it!

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