What to do on August 10 in Quito? (2024)

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What to do on August 10 in Quito? (2024)

What to do on August 10 in Quito? (2024)
Quito historic distric

On August 10 of each year, the First Cry of Independence is celebrated in Ecuador, an event that was held in 1809. During Quito’s revolution, the heroes sought independence from Spain. In addition, this revolution was also part of the first independence movements of Hispanic America. Given the importance of these historical events, in Ecuador we commemorate this date and enjoy a day off. The holiday will be on August 9. If you are looking for what to do on Ecuador’s Independence Day, this note is for you.

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Quito City Tour

What better way to know the history of the First Cry of Independence in Ecuador than to visit Quito’s Historic District. A series of cultural events, parades, and concerts will be held in that area of the city, hence we recommend you visit it. A great way to know Quito’s Historic District is through Quito City Tour, a tour aboard the official double decker bus through the main attractions of the north and center of the city. Thanks to the Hop On – Hop Hop system, you will be able to get off or take the bus at our established stops, and get closer to the places of greatest interest.

Equator Line Tour

Visiting the crater viewpoint of Pululahua Volcano and The Middle of the World City aboard the city’s only double-decker bus is without a doubt, a great way to enjoy the holiday of August 10, 2019. Through Equator Line Tour you will go to Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve and look at the inhabited crater of an active volcano. In addition, you will visit all the attractions of The Middle of the World City, home of the famous Equatorial Monument.

Do not forget that you have the option of purchasing Quito City Tour + Equator Line Tour at a very convenient price. If you choose this option, you can make both tours on the same day (Quito City Tour 09h00 – 12h00 / Equator Line Tour 12h00 – 19h00) or you can do them on different days. Book online now!

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If you are in Quito, enjoy First Cry of Independence of August 10 in the company of Quito Tour Bus. We are sure you will love it!

Check this note if you want to know more information on what to do in Quito.

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