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Ancestral Christmas in the Middle of the World – Kapac Raymi

Equatorial Line divides Ecuador in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In honor of this fact, the monument to the Middle of the World …

New Year’s Eve in Ecuador

Each country has different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, however, Ecuador has practices that will surprise you. One of the most usual and distinctive …

7 interesting facts about Baños, Ecuador

Baños de Agua Santa, a well known adventure destination in Ecuador, is a small city that offers a variety of attractions: waterfalls, hot springs, adventure-bound …

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How to get to Baños?

Baños de Agua Santa, better known as Baños, is a region in Ecuador’s Tungurahua province. Baños is considered as the adventure capital of Ecuador since …

What to do in Quito? 22 things you cannot miss out

Quito is a vibrant city, which combines colonial and contemporary styles, it has impressive natural landscapes. What to do in Quito when you have an …

Top 7 things to do in Quilotoa

Quilotoa Lagoon is located southeast of the city of Quito, inside Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve, in the province of Cotopaxi. This wonderful lagoon of volcanic …